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 We do NOT ship kittens due to the risk of loss, harm or death!  


To be approved to purchase a kitten, you MUST follow these instructions:

Step 1.  Review the Deposit/Health Guarantee page.  If you agree to the terms and               what would be required of you as a buyer/owner, proceed to step 2.  

Step 2.  Email us at with answers to the following                     application questions:


   1.  What is your name, residential address and phone number? 


   2.  What is it you are looking for in a kitten.. ie... sex, skin color, eye color, and              pet/show quality or both? 

   3. What quantity and types of other animals are already living in your home?

   4. Have you ever had a cat declawed before? If yes, please explain.

   5. What experience do you already have with Sphynx cats/kittens and their                   higher maintenance and special dietary requirements?

   6. Are you prepared to spend the extra time and money required to care for a               Sphynx compared to other breeds of cats? Sphynx eat up to 25% more food             than furry breeds due to their higher metabolism.  A yearly HCM heart scan             alone runs an average of $450-$500.  

    7. Sphynx do not have inside ear hair, eyelashes or whiskers. They get lots of                eye boogers, waxy ears and produce excess skin oils that may stain objects              and fabrics.  They need routine bathing, nail trimming to protect their skin              and wax removal from their ears each week to prevent ear infections.  Are                you prepared to live with these challenges? 


    8. How much time on average each day would a Sphynx kitten/cat be left                    alone without companionship in the home?


    9.  Do you rent or own your residence?

    10. Do you understand that Sphynx cats can NEVER be allowed to roam freely


    11. Do you understand that like the Maine Coon and Ragdoll cat breeds the 

         Sphynx breed is more susceptible to developing the heart disease,                             Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)? Breeders are NEVER able to                           guarantee that that it will not occur at some point during the cats life.                       However, a reputable breeder will typically offer some type of contract with             a replacement clause for the first two to three years of the cats life.  Are you             prepared to accept and deal with that situation if it arises?


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