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Once the buyer and seller have agreed to the sale of a specific kitten/cat, a total deposit of $500 will be required to hold it until ownership and possession have been transferred to buyer. 


NOTE: If the buyer should decide not to finalize the purchase of the kitten, $250 of the deposit paid will be non-refundable. If the kitten/cat becomes incapacitated and unable to sell prior to transfer, the full amount of the deposit paid will be refunded.


If Show Me Sphynx is notified in writing of buyers intent not to finalize the sale of the kitten, Seller will refund any deposit paid in excess of the non-refundable $250 portion of the deposit.


Acceptable methods of written notice are phone text, email or certified mail. Seller agrees to notify buyer when the written notice has been received and the refund has been initiated.


The remaining balance of the total sale price less the $500 deposit paid is due when your kitten is picked up or delivered. 

NOTE: Seller reserves the right to cancel the sale for failure to pay final balance and pick-up the kitten/cat on the designated date and time.  


This page is not the entire sales contract and it is not a legal and binding document.  It is intended to provide prospective buyers with the basic terms that will be a part of the sales contract to determine if prospective buyer wishes to pursue the purchase of a kitten.  


Show Me Sphynx guarantees the kitten to be in good health at the time of purchase. By the time buyer takes possession of the kitten it has received the following:

  • Two FVRC vaccinations and microchip 

  • Initial FVRCP vaccination, vet check and deworming

  • Second booster FVRCP vaccination, vet check and deworming

  • Spay/Neuter alteration, third FVRCP vaccination booster and vet check


Buyer is required to have the kitten examined by their own veterinarian no later than seventy-two hours after taking possession.


If buyer’s veterinarian finds a serious or life threatening health issue with the kitten, the buyer must immediately contact Show Me Sphynx and arrange to return the kitten with written documentation of a serious or life threatening health condition and lab results, if any. 


The following conditions are common issues to watch out for in your new kitten. These conditions do not fall under the health guarantee since they would occur after possession of the kitten has been transferred to the buyer.


  • Stress induced Upper Respiratory Infections can occur and are a common issue that can arise from the stress of moving from one home to another and to different climates/regions of the country.


  • Food Intolerance/Illness including rashes, hives, sneezing, coughing and diarrhea are common issues caused by switching the kitten over to another brand of food too quickly without proper transition or feeding treats/table food they have never had and/or that are toxic to cats/kittens.


  • Sunburn/skin cancer: Sphynx cats are highly susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer and therefore extended exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided. Your kitten could get hives/rashes after direct sun exposure. Ask your veterinarian what sunscreen they recommend if exposure is unavoidable.


  • Exposure to and ingestion of toxins/irritants such as tobacco smoke, toxic plants/foods, medications, aerosols and chemicals used to scent some cat litters.


  • It is understood that with the Sphynx breed hairlessness will vary from cat to cat due to variances in hormones, climate, diet and genetics, etc. It is possible for the kitten to develop some hair especially after being spayed/neutered or as it grows older. This hair growth is typically seen on the tail, feet, face or ears.


Buyer is highly encouraged to have an HCM scan done within twelve months of taking ownership and yearly thereafter. Be aware that scans can cost as much as $500 per cat unless you find an HCM clinic being held in your area.  If HCM testing is done on a yearly basis and HCM is found within thirty-six months following the date of purchase, Buyer has the option to immediately return the kitten/cat to the seller for a replacement from one of their own litters as soon as one becomes available. 

If the kitten/cat should die while in the buyers possession due to a congenital defect in the first 24 months after purchase, seller will replace the kitten as soon as another kitten is available provided that the seller is still breeding kittens.  The additional following stipulation must also be met: 

Buyer must, at their own cost, provide all veterinary records and an autopsy report by a licensed impartial Veterinary Pathologist stating the cause of death is unquestionably a congenital defect.

Failure of the Buyer to obtain both the vet check the next business day after taking possession and an HCM scan within 12 months of taking possession will void both the health the HCM/congenital defect guarantee.




  • Buyer assumes all financial responsibility for all licensing fees, veterinary and associated lab/test expenses for their kitten/cat incurred once they take possession.


  • The buyer is responsible for having the kitten examined by their own veterinarian the next day after taking possession and to have the rabies vaccination completed by the time the kitten turns 16 weeks old. Failure to do so will void all health and seller guarantees in this contract.


  • Buyer understands the dangers of letting their kitten/cat outside and agrees to keep the kitten/cat indoors only. Under NO circumstances should this kitten/cat be permitted to live outdoors.


  • Buyer understands that declawing will void the entire contract. Buyer agrees NOT to declaw the kitten/cat. Declawing is now illegal in many places in the United States. Declawing is a mutilation that involves amputation the kittens digits all the way up to the second knuckle and can permanently disable the kitten/cat and possibly alter the cat’s temperament and negatively affect it’s health. Declawing will void all guarantees set forth in the contract.

  • Buyer agrees not to sell, lease, abandon or give this cat to any pet shop, research facility, animal shelter or similar facilities for either resale or testing purposes. Buyer agrees that should they not be able to keep the above kitten/cat, Seller will be notified and given the opportunity to take the kitten/cat back and help place it in a new home. This request is made to avoid one of our kittens/cats ending up in an animal shelter or a home that is not in the best interest of the kitten/cat.


  • Any legal action which may arise under the terms of the contract will be brought in the city/county of the Seller’s residence. All legal fees and court costs necessary to enforce this contract, including Sellers costs will be the obligation of the Buyer.



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